Tricep Exercises for Cardiac Recovery

Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, discusses tricep exercises for cardiac recovery.

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Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, discusses tricep exercises for cardiac recovery.
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Featuring Min Naruki-van Velzen, MSc, Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist, Athletic Therapist

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This next exercise is a tricep exercise.

Your triceps are located on the backside of your arm. This is great for someone who’s recovering from a cardiovascular event, but you really should consult with your physician, trainer or clinical exercise specialist before starting, to make sure that this is appropriate for you at this point in your recovery.

The tricep kickback involves the muscles in the back of your arm. The key thing here is to keep your elbow tight against your body, and not swing the shoulder. All the motion should be about your elbow. Remember to keep your back close to parallel and horizontal with the ground.

So there you have a very simple tricep exercise to get you started. If you’re looking for a program that’s more customized to your needs, please contact your local kinesiologist, exercise specialist or physiotherapist.

Presenter: Mr. Min Naruki-van Velzen, Athletic Therapist, Vancouver, BC

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