Benign Prostate Conditions

Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP, Family Physician, discusses benign prostate conditions.

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Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP, Family Physician, discusses benign prostate conditions.
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Featuring Dr. Daniel Ngui, BSc (P.T), MD, CFPC, FCFP
Benign Prostate Conditions
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Benign prostatic hypertrophy is a benign or non-cancerous enlargement of your prostate over time due to hormonal factors.

It's a common reason why men go and see their physicians over age 50 but the challenge is many men don't talk about it. If you're concerned as a patient that you may be having lower urinary tract symptoms, or benign prostatic hypertrophy it's important you go and see your physician.

Your physician has many tools to assess this condition such as a physical exam, lab tests, as well as a questionnaire. This patient questionnaire was designed in 1992 and is based on the American Urological Society questionnaire and adapted by Dr. Berry.

This questionnaire looks at eight questions: seven on symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy, and one encompassing what is your quality of life? This test is really important because you as a patient can use this as a discussion piece with your family doctor, or your family physician can utilize it to monitor and see how things are going with your therapy.

It's important if you have any questions or any concerns that you make an appointment to speak to your physician or your local expert. Treatments vary according to patient as well as physician, so once again, make an appointment and speak to your physician.

Presenter: Dr. Daniel Ngui, Family Doctor, Vancouver, BC

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